Guardian Energy, LLC
4745 380th Ave
Janesville, MN 56048
Guardian Energy, LLC is located in Janesville, MN is located 75 miles southwest of Minneapolis. Guardian Energy, LLC employs approximately 50 people in the area, grinds 48 million bushels per year and produces 149 million gallons of denatured ethanol per year.
General Office: 507-234-5000
Sell Corn Mari 507-234-5002
Sell Corn Chad: 507-234-5003 
Accounting Shelby: 507-234-5004
Scalehouse: 507-234-5005
Fax: 507-234-5011

Deferring Payments: 

All deferred payments will be final as of December 20th, 2022. No checks will be written on deferred contracts between 12/20/22 and 1/4/2023. To request payment on deferred bushels prior to that date, call Shelby @ 507-234-5004. 


Cash bids are subject to change without notice.

For your safety and the safety of our employees, the speed limit through-out the plant is 10mph. Repeat violators that have been warned of driving in excess of the posted limit will be asked to not return. Please Slow Down

REMINDER: Make sure to STOP at the Stop Sign to allow cross traffic to pass.

This is a reminder to ALL our farmers, vendors and visitors that smoking anywhere past the FRONT GATES is NOT ALLOWED!

Violators will be removed from site and not able to return for a period of 3 months.

Thank you for keeping our site safe!


If you are hauling under a commercial vendor you MUST enter a BOL # or name in the load number in order for the check to be written to the correct vendor!
Corn Receiving Hours:  

Wednesday 12/7 7:30am-3:30pm Alphabet delivery last name A-O + Spot

Thursday 12/8 7:30am-3:30pm Alphabet delivery last name P-Z + Spot

Friday 12/9 7:30am-11:30am All can haul!

Monday 12/12 7:30am-3:30pm

Tuesday 12/13 7:30am-3:30pm

**Anyone hauling under a commercial account must deliver according to their last name not the commercial vender name**

Regular DDG Hours 7:15am-3:30pm

CLOSED for DDG Loading Wednesday 12/14!

Call about our Offer Plus-Modified Floor Average combo to learn about how you can lock in a floor for March 2023 futures at $7.00 using the premium from a December 2023 $6.35 strike.

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Janesville, Minnesota (56048)

Current Conditions Sunny
Temperature 21°F
Dew Point 12°F
Pressure 30.38 in. Hg
Humidity 68%
Wind 8 mph
From North


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